Advantages & Disadvantages Of Homework

To some students, the word ‘homework’ is the worst nightmare ever. To a few others, it is an opportunity to explore their creative ability. Nothing on this earth exists without an advantage and a disadvantage. The subject of homework has been a hot topic to debate. Students do not want homework because it wears them out and competes with their free and resting time. It is worthy of note that homework as a concept started as a punishment for those who refuse to be active and conforming in class, but gradually became adopted by all and sundry. Some people think that homework is an effective way to reinforce what was taught in class; others think it is the worst punishment ever. Both parties are not totally wrong, as there is an iota of truth in both arguments. A minimal quantity of personalized and effective homework should reinforce what was taught in the classroom.

One of the advantages of homework is that–it imbibes discipline in the behavior of the student. Homework takes a lot of hard work and commitment on the part of the student. Frankly, it is a difficult task to take on after a long day at school. Arranging to complete your assignment regularly builds discipline that cannot be taken away from you. Discipline is an essential character that determines the extent to which one can maintain a successful position. Building this character early is better than later as it helps you to build integrity among people you have lived, schooled, and related with. It is easier to get a recommendation when you already have a name.

Secondly, homework gives parents the privilege to get involved in their child’s developmental process. Many parents feel guilty about not being able to contribute to their child’s academic learning process. Hence, this is a great opportunity for them to be involved. It also helps the student to learn how to manage their time properly from a young age. Parents also get to communicate with their children, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and help them make the right decisions when the time comes for them to choose a career path. Planning and allocating time to different activities regularly becomes a culture they will eventually cherish later in life. Students also learn how to solve problems by thinking critically when they choose a helper to do my homework online, and they tend to make better decisions in life than those who never complete their homework.

Homework is not without its disadvantages; this includes robbing children of their playtime and enough rest. Playing less can affect a child’s mental balance and crumble a child’s social life. It could also lead to obesity in extreme cases. This is because the child may have to stay indoors all day after school and get hungry quickly–children always want to satisfy their stomach and may not have time to exercise, causing obesity. Also, there is no substantial evidence that academic achievement is directly linked to doing homework.

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