Research on Importance of Homework

Homework practice is still in use since today’s teachers and parents grew up doing them. However, arguments pop up every time in every American household questioning the effectiveness or workability of homework. Many argue that homework causes excessive stress among kids making it banned in grades below seventh. All this happens in the mid-century. But in our today’s world, students get heavy loads of homework. Students spend twice as much time on homework when you compare them to their predecessors back in the 90s. To add more to it, little kids have to carry homework with them as they go back home. Researchers believe this should not be the case.

Little kids today spend an average of about 25 minutes doing their homework at night. Education centers, together with some parents, see this as a draining factor. They are planning to either reduce the load or completely do away with the issue of homework. Despite all these efforts, they cannot lack pushbacks. Many institutions are reviewing the matter, stating that it is high time they get to revise the issue.

An excellent example is in Hillsborough, California. It is a district that is a suburb of San Fransisco, and it has varying measures. It hosts a middle school and three elementary schools work on a policy, which allows kids have enough time to spend on play and family. Nevertheless, they demand that homework should be at least “meaningful.” As for the due dates that fall after a break or a weekend, they do not issue out homework.

At first, challenges arise in this kind of policy. Teachers who are familiar with the traditional methods have a hard time readjusting. On the other hand, the expectations of the parents become an issue. On the bright side, as time goes by, you get to realize that it is okay for grade 2 learners not to have an hour of homework.

As you move to the second year, the policy begins to run smoothly as everybody is in line. Basing the research on conversations the teachers have with parents, they realize that the stress level among the students reduces. The students’ performance also improves as you notice this from the standardized test they do.

Somerville district, Massachusetts, works on reducing the amount of homework they give both elementary and middle schoolers. Some parents argue that homework aids in strengthening their relationships with their children. However, others may not feel the same since they argue that they already have a perfect connection with their kids.

At this point, we should rethink once more on the amount of homework necessary for our kids. In the same breadth, we should know the kind of homework to give students. The quantity of work should not determine the effectiveness of the work. You may be asking what amount is enough. As a teacher, assign less of it on a regular basis but not daily. Speak to your students about the importance of assignments and how it will boost their memory,

Students should not see homework as punishment. Take the work seriously; take a short time doing it before connecting back with siblings and parents. Make meaningful decisions!

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