Effects Of Homework On The Health Of Students

Homework is schoolwork given to children to tackle while at home. The general health of a student is reliant on the type of assignments a student gets to tackle from home. Children of today face pressure trying to balance their social life and academics. Schools set high standards for the students to meet. Parents and peers also pose pressure on students in social life. All this pressure affects learners’ performance. Homework is the hardest issue for students to tackle it with ease. 

Importance of Homework

Homework is very pivotal in academic life. If used well, homework steers up the grades and knowledge of a leaner.

Homework builds and sustains the knowledge learned in class. When learners get new skills, they will be able to upgrade their library. They master new concepts taught in class when they review them in the evening. It’s realized when they research for homework. 

For a student to complete his/her assignments in time, he has to balance home and school activities. Through this, they sharpen their skills in time management. They have to divide time for play, time for home chores, and time for the homework. Critical thinking and research required while doing homework develop their problem-solving skills. 

Homework allows parents to follow up on their children’s progress in academics. How a child tackles homework will make a parent be in a position to help the child. In the case of stagnancy and be able to check the child’s progress. Healthy family ties emerge when parents and older siblings help the child. It’s through helping to tackle homework when he/she faces a problem. 

Disadvantages of over excess homework

Balance is the key to manage homework. Homework has to be manageable for the student for it to be effective.

Excess homework denies student time for other important activities. It drives a negative notion by students towards education. The negativity will, in turn, lower the students’ performance. A student won’t have time to master concepts for future reference.

It affects the student’s social life. A student will develop negative social behaviors. He/she won’t have time for socialization to build confidence and trust to interact with people. Failure to develop some social skills will make a student unfit in society. 

Excessive homework affects life balance e ways. It makes them develop insomnia, making them sleep during the day. They won’t be productive during class time, and so reduced productivity. 

Role of parents 

It’s the parent’s responsibility to check the student’s health and wellbeing. Parents should assist children in tackling tasks.

Parents should point out a problem that may be affecting a child. They should watch every step their kids take. Children are canning. Some may lock themselves up in rooms and pretend to be doing homework, which may not be the case. Parents ought to ensure children are doing what is good for them.

Parents should provide an enabling environment for students’ studies. Distractions should be minimal to avoid loss of concentration. 

A student may show discomfort in the handling of assignments. A parent should visit a teacher to source a combined effort to help the child. A child might take longer to complete homework or, at times, be unable to handle it completely. It calls for the initiative of the parent to source teachers to support to help the child to succeed.

In conclusion, a balance between home and school for a successful life of students. Parents and teachers have to unite to help students sail through.