8 Effective Ways to Study Psychology

Psychology is becoming one of the preferred courses for most students across the globe. The course entails vast materials and requires absolute dedication to your books. So, how can students cope with this while having a normal life? Below are some tips on how to learn about psychology.

Tools and resources to rely on:

  1. Books

There are numerous books out there with valuable information on how to learn about psychology. You can get such books in libraries or bookshops. If your search becomes difficult, run to the internet for a soft copy of such books. Most books are currently been uploaded on the internet for easy access. That aside, there a numerous content on psychology written by professionals in the field. Do a quick search and get reading.

  1. Psychology Websites

There are various psychology websites you can visit to learn more about the subject. A site like Verywell.com affords high school and college students as well as people interested in psychology to about human mind and behavior. On it, you can explore numerous contents like articles, study tips, biographies, and APA format tutorials among others. You can also explore the many other websites with great content on various aspects of psychology. Psychology Today, Psych Your Mind, and PsyBlog is just a few of them.

  1. Sign up for free online classes

Some universities offer free online classes on various subjects including psychology. Some come with a small charge for a certificate, while others are entirely free but without a certificate. With an online class, you can study on your own terms according to your chosen schedules. Also, it is a great way for students who cannot afford tuition to study their favorite course.

  1. Watch educational channels

Several fictional serial dramas currently showing on various TV channels have psychology as their base. That aside, a lot of fact-based TV programs are based on psychology. If you don’t have access to such channels, you can rely on DVDs of such programs. Examples of such programs are Discovering Psychology hosted by Philip Zimbardo and the PBS series NOVA ScienceNow by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

  1. Online videos

Aside from watching educational TV content, watching online education content on psychology is another great way of learning about the course. If you don’t really like ready, watching and listening maybe your best option. You can take advantage of YouTube for all you need on psychology.

Aside from that watching, TED Talks is an excellent way to brainstorm on various topics including human and behavioral psychology. 

Another platform you can explore for videos is the Khan Academy, which has over 5000 videos on various educational topics. You don’t need to pay for watching.

Have you also heard of the Clip for Class website? It has various content on psychology for teachers and students seeking to have great insight into the subject.

  1. Psychology Podcasts

Listening to podcasts on psychology topics is another exciting and informative way of learning the subject. Stream the various educational podcasts using your digital device and listen on the go. It doesn’t matter where you are and what time it is, you can also have access to saved content.

  1. Use Study Guides, Quizzes, and Exams

Using study guides is always helpful in the learning process. You get to know what to learn before what, and how to go about it. After learning you can then test your knowledge through quizzes or exams.

  1. Online Psychology Labs

Gaining some knowledge on research can help you explore the various topics in psychology. Some book publishers have online psychology labs to accompany what is written in their books.

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